Special Care

Place box on FLAT SURFACE. On Floor/ Trunk/ Someone’s Lap or Strapped in on front seat… To Avoid Sloping: (just place a water bottle or something similar in that deep area where the back of the car seat meets the base of the back rest.) That will keep box level.

In Cool area!! Preferably Air-conditioned or an environment below 76°F. However, should you need to refrigerate please remove from the refrigerator at least 2 hours prior to serving as you don’t want to serve your guests COLD CAKE.

Cut ceremonial slice from bottom tier ONLY. Top tiers can be easily remove as they are separated by individual plates underneath. Most people peel away the fondant but it’s certainly edible and tasty. For more on Cake servings/cutting guides please go to: – Pinterest’s SERVINGS & CUTTINGS GUIDE

Bubble Buddiesbuddy

Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can cause a small bubble or bulging effect on the side of fondant covered cakes (…not to be alarmed it’s just pockets of air). If this occurs just make 2 hole punches into the bulge preferably with a pin or a very pointy object. Then with dry hands gently tap the bulge, pressing firmly in a rubbing motion until it gets flatter or disappears. You may have to repeat this step 2 or 3 times.