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Football & 3tier (3 themes) cakes


1st cake:
Flag Football cake
Design similar to photo but as discussed
Colors: Red/White
Cake Flavor/filling: yellow cake/ vanilla filling
White field Red strip one side of the goals says LAFAYETTE
Other side says PATRIOTS
Yard markers G, 10, 20, 30, 20, 10, G
Pick up Wed May 29th

2nd cake:3 tiers (not pictured)
3 round cakes, each with a different theme
Colors: Vary by cake themes
Tea cup on top of cake
1st tier: Alice in Wonderland white w/ red diamonds and heart around cake
2nd tier: Music notes & staff lines
3rd tier: Math themed addition/multiplication signs, square roots, geometry etc.
Cake Flavors: Vanilla/ chocolate/red velvet
Pick up Wed June 5th
Patricia Diaz @ 917-302-5399 (Total $465.)

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