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Cake 1: 3 tier Black & Silver '23' Cake
Servings Minimum: 20
Flavor: Vanilla with Vanilla
Cake Topper: #23 (in silver)
Cake Board Inscription: Happy 23rd Birthday Ibo!
Date: April 11th 2019
Time of Delivery: 5pm
Delivery Location:
The NoMad Hotel Fireplace Room, 1170 Broadway, NY

Cake 2: 1 tier Tiffany & Co. Box with Flowers
Servings: 15
Flavor: Vanilla with Berries
Plaque: Happy Birthday Zehra
Date: April 14th 2019
Time of Delivery: 9am
Delivery Location:
Tiffany Blue Box Café
727 5th Ave Tiffany store on the 4th flr, NY
...By Bosilika

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