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4 Tier Wedding Cake (bal.. pmyt)


Balance due

4-tier square cake (3 tiers soft-edged, top tier sharp-edged). Flavor red velvet.
Similar to photo, white background/blue parts to be replaced with blush color#2 as discussed.
Bottom tier - stencil design (like pic #3), lined with pearls
3rd tier - with ribbon in blush, 2nd tier - diamond/quilted design
Top tier - stencil like photo.
Rented plateau, to be returned by 9/8/16 $50 security deposit to be refunded if plateau is returned in good condition.

Venue: Joy Luck Palace
98 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013
9/3/16, Delivery 4-4:30pm

Planner: Anastasiya 929-254-9105 (call her first)
Venue Manager: Tony 718-887-6686

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