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2 tier Birthday cake


Design similar to photo but as discussed:
Colors: Same as photo
Tier 1- Base Tier: NYC Skyline
Tier 2- Black Tier with Gold Leaf, Popcorn & Movie Films
Top of Tier 2: Guitar Topper, Film Director's Cut
Director's Film Cut:
Production: Can's 21st Birthday
Director: Gursoy Film Company
Date: 04-01-19/Scene: 1/Take: 21
Film reel:
Starwars/A Clockwork Orange/Eyes Wide Shut
No Country For Old Men/Blow Up/Harry Potter
Cake Flavor Chocolate
Delivery: 5pm 04-01-19 The Jungle Bar at Gitano
Contact: Melissa Camp
Bosilika (310) 717-9457

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