About us

What drives us? Passion & Perfection! Established in 2010, Cakalicious Cakes is a family owed business that specializes in the most unique Cake Designs. We offer a variety of flavors/filings/shapes & sizes, all geared to suit your personal taste. For best results and a smoother finish Fondant is our preferred icing method. Located in Brooklyn, USA; Owner and Designer Ingrid has been knocking around in the kitchen since she was knee high and now after a few years of hard work and dedication she’s ready to take it to the next level. They are numerous flavors & fillings to choose from but the Red Velvet and Chocolate cakes are the crown-jewels of the company, with complimentary fillings such as Cream-cheese, Hazelnut, Oreo cookies, Dulce de Leche to name a few.

Cancelation Policy:

Due to the nature of our business and the prep work involved ‘we cannot offer refunds’, however, in the event that you have to cancellation then a store credit will be issued to you.